Nastola Summer Exhibition 2021 – Nature Trip

As an artist, one must always live a little ahead, thoughts in the coming months and years as well. Now, in the midst of these frosts, I will focus on thinking about next summer and Nastola Summer Exhibition Nature Trip. The exhibition venue is an old town hall, a very typical Finnish office space. I’ve always liked the exhibitions, which make use of atypical art facilities. In them, the works interact with the space in a very different way than in typical neutral galleries and museums, and the end result can be something surprising.

As one sort of surprise, I will not participate in the exhibition with wall-mounted paintings. Instead, I make a room-sized spatial work. Although the end result will be very spatial, I still think of the work as a painting . I went on site to measure, knock expertly on wall structures, and meditate. So the work is progressing!

The exhibition has been curated by Veikko Halmetoja. Among other things, painting, video art and sculptures will be on display. Depending on the corona situation, there are also plenty of side programs planned, such as panel discussions, presentations, workshops and concerts. Summer exhibitions have been organized in Nastola since 2016. The Nature Trip exhibition is produced by the Nastola Society, a local association focused on art and culture.

The artists participating in the summer 2021 exhibition are: Noora Geagea, Svante Gullichsen, Terhi Heino, Henrik Härkönen, Soile Jääskeläinen, Jaakko Kahilaniemi, Jarmo Kallinen, Emmi Kallio, Joel Karppanen, Eetu Kevarinmäki, Anni Kinnunen, Veera Kulju, Laura Kärki, J.P. Köykkä, Eveliina Narkilahti, Mikko Paakkonen, Ville Räty, Pauliina Salminen, Kim Somervuori, Iiu Susiraja, Henri Tuominen, Samppa Törmälehto and Kirsimaria E. Törönen. The list of artists will be completed during the spring.

Nature Trip 13.6.-15.8.2021, tue-sun 11-17. For more information visit the exhibition website:

Nastola Summer Exhibition 2021