Talo täynnä taidetta art sales event is open

Every December the premises of the Mältinranta Artcenter are traditionally filled with the works of the members of the Tampere Artists’ Association, when the Talo täynnä taidetta (House Full of Art) sales event takes over the exhibition halls. There are more than 90 artists and about 300 works. There is a choice for lovers of both large and small works, and there are paintings, graphics and sculptures, among other things. I am participating in this sales exhibition with a series of four very small works; these acrylic paintings are sized 20x20cm and 18x13cm.

The Art Lending Service, located in the same building next to the sales exhibition, is open normally. I currently have one painting there as well as novelty prints. The pandemic got me to try new techniques and I got excited about linocuts. At least my own age group will surely remember linocut carving from elementary school. A kind of return to the roots, then. The linocuts are very similar to woodcut both in technique and appearance. I value the precision and systematicness associated with graphics, but my own work does not quite bend to meticulousness. My works are perhaps paintings rather than graphics, even though they are prints.

My prints at the Art Lending Service
My prints at the Art Lending Service

In addition to my work, the Art Lending Service’s selections currently include more than 800 works from other members of the artists’ association, ie professional artists. So what is art lending? You can rent art from the Art Lending Service or buy it in installments. It’s a convenient way to take the work home for a limited time, explore it in peace, and take your time in finding the perfect spot for it to hang. You pay an interest-free monthly installment of the piece determined according to the total price. If you end up keeping the work of art, you can redeem it by paying the remaining installments as a one-time payment or continue paying for the installments on a monthly basis. Of course, the works can also be purchased directly from the Art Lending Service without monthly installments. However, monthly installments are a convenient way to make art purchases without a large financial burden at once.

The pandemic is certainly a concern for all of us. However, Mältinranta is open normally and good care is taken of the safety of both staff and customers. The number of visitors is limited to ten people and the use of a mask is required. There is hand sanitizer available as usual, and of course we remember to follow all the safety intervals. The quietest time to visit is probably on weekdays during the day.

Talo täynnä taidetta art sales event in open Mo-Thu 12-18 and Fri-Sun 11-16.

Mältinranta Artcenter, Kuninkaankatu 2, Tampere

Mältinranta Artcenter