Love Boat at Gallery Halmetoja

My solo exhibition at Gallery Halmetoja has opened. The works in the Lemmenlaiva exhibition will be on display until November 8, 2020. According to gallerist Veikko Halmetoja, the exhibition “is a tidal wave of aesthetics inspired by cruise liners, icebergs and the final party hours”.

Photo: Jaakko Kahilaniemi

I’ve always been attracted to the glamour and kitsch of cruise ships. A cruise can be a journey into a new life, a promise of romance, or a desperate break from everyday life. In its party lights, however, a ship always hovers over a bottomless depth. I love ships but I’m afraid of water. Accidents happen and ships sink into darkness. However, my heart beats faster every time I see a ship flying majestically by and I feel like sailing away, towards a distant destination!

On Love Boat you can enjoy the atmosphere of departure, sip a drink on the sun deck and enjoy a buffet. However, something is wrong. The waves rise, the shrimp shell clings to the throat, the chandeliers ring menacingly, and the iceberg is inevitably facing. However, nothing will end these celebrations. The Love Boat rides on, welcome aboard!

A little tip for all the party people: the works can be viewed through the windows even after dark! For a closer look I recommend visiting the exhibition within the gallery opening hours.

Gallery Halmetoja at nighttime.

The exhibition can also be viewed virtually in the 3D gallery on Gallery Halmetoja’s website, where the works can be seen in the gallery space.

Virtual gallery

Love Boat 16.10.–8.11.2020. Gallery Halmetoja, Kalevankatu 16, Helsinki. Open Tue, Thu and Fri 11-17, Wed 11-19 and Sat-Sun 12-16.