Banana Flamingo

When Pispala Clothing asked me to design a pattern for a sweatshirt, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I had long dreamed of putting my art into a wearable form. The dream came true when I came across this new clothing brand combining art and fashion. And so, Banana Flamingo was born.

Photo: Kukka-Maria Rosenlund

I decided to make several versions and choose the one I liked the most. I wanted to challenge myself and make a continuous pattern. The implementation was thus a combination of precise design and free painting. I painted with acrylic paint on A3 size paper. I mixed a dozen colors that I used in different combinations in five different versions. From the beginning, my favourite was the one that reached its final shape as a pattern called Banana Flamingo.

Banana Flamingo as the original painting.

My goal was to create a garment that I myself would love to wear. I wanted the pattern to be colorful and rich, even fun. I didn’t plan on painting anything figurative, but suddenly a banana and a flamingo stared at me in the middle of the painting, and I heard them whispering together something about conquering the world. The joint revolution of bananas and flamingos may remain their mutual affair, but at least they ended up in a shirt.

Your very own Banana Flamingo is waiting for you at the online shop:

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